PepeJam Meaning, Origin, And Usage Explained


The PepeJAM emote is a variant of the online phenomenon Pepe the Frog. It features Pepe the Frog animated and listening to upbeat music. The real origin of this emote is unclear. If you want to watch and use the video you must install the BetterTv or FrankerFaceZ extension in your browser.

In 2020 PepeJam was seeing his reign is at risk due to CatJAM. It’s a similar emote featuring white cats moving their head to the music.

PepeJam Twitch Emote Meaning

PepeJAM is an animated emote which is used on Twitch channels when a tune the chat likes is playing. It is usually used whenever we want to claim music that is played is good. A video of Pepe dancing in a black shirt and headphones showed the image.

It also shows Pepe the dragon jumping as an ironic act of animation when a song is played and the chatter uses it as a joke.

PepeJAM Origin

The emote is included in DiscordEmojis databases on January 11, 2018. It was originally introduced by – a petition calling for xQc to recommit it to his stream on October 11. The origin of this emote without Twitch chat is unknown to this day.

It was first used as an excuse by user RoastCat23 when they started displaying ironically bad. In a very short time, it became popular over the social platform and was widely recognizable. The story was added to Twitch after a petition that was set up by an unknown person.

How PepeJam Became So Popular

On January 11 2018 the emote appeared on the DiscordEmoji database. The change petition called upon streamer xQc to bring back the Pepe Jam emote he submitted in the chat. On February 15 2019 Redditor Juny1spion posted an illustration titled PepeJAM / r/ Forsen.

Final Thoughts On PepeJam

The PepeJAM emote is an animated emote on the popular Internet – meme Pepe the Frog. It is used in Twitch when good music is played on an outlet. It can also be used ironically to indicate if a song is bad and we don’t like it. Currently, Pepega and KekW are the most popular emotes from Pepe on Twitch.

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