NaM Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin Explained

Do you love to watch your favorite streamers play video games? You’ve probably seen the NaM Twitch emote pop up on a stream. But, what does it mean and where did it originate from?

In this blog post, we will be going over some of the history of the NaM Twitch emote and how you can use it in chat today!

The NaM twitch emote is based on an old internet meme that originated from 4chan around 2010. It’s still used by many gamers today as a way to express laughter or excitement during a live broadcast.

NaM Meaning:

NaM is a global better tv emote which features Korean streaming player Namja. NaM Can be understood as “Non-Asian Minority” and many people believe this for many the reason that the emote is called NaM.

It is often spammed when an Asian country (such as Vietnam) is mentioned or when Asians are mentioned or appearing on streaming.

NaM Origin:

NaM is the third biggest emote in BetterTTV with more than one billion uses. The emote was created by Namja, a Korean streamer who started on Twitch in 2011. Namja currently streames on Twitch but not quite as frequently as he plays Final Fantasy.

NaM was added by NightDev on the 12th December 2015 and is currently the 3rd most popular emote ever on Better TTV.

How Do I Use The NaM Twitch Emote?

NaM is a global redesigned Better Twitch TV emote which means anybody with it can use it easily. However, if it is banned in your stream then it will not allow this twitch chat emote for the user. Download the BTTV extension, once installed all you need to do is connect it with your channel and activate it. You can now use all your favorite emotes!

When Should I Use NaM Emote On Twitch?

The “NaM” emote is unique in that it’s generally compatible with many different, widely used chats. In most chats, this emote translates to the “What?” text by default.


The NaM Twitch emote is a symbol that was created to express the feeling of being surprised, excited, and happy. It’s commonly used in gaming communities on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram as well as on Reddit. You can use other pupular emotes just about anywhere you would want to show your excitement for something!

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