What Does KEKW Mean? KEKW Meaning And Origin On Twitch

What does KEKW mean?

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KEKW is a Twitch term that has been around for quite some time, but many people still don’t know what it means. It’s not uncommon to see the word pop up in chat during Twitch streams of games like Fortnite and PUBG. The acronym originally came from an online gaming forum called 4chan.

What Does KEKW Mean In Twitch Chat?

This phrase was often used as a response to someone who had just lost a video game match or round. Today, KEKW has evolved into something much more lighthearted and positive because gamers are using it as encouragement after they win matches or rounds of games on a Twitch stream.

KEKW Meaning

What does KEKW mean?

KEK is Korean the equivalent to North America or European LOL. This Spanish Laughing Guy image has served as a representative in the Twitch community. This suffix is basically used in order to show the emotes.

The letter W can be often used with other Twitch emotes. The word KEK means “laugh”. It is a way to convey laughter or an exaggerated facial expression of laughing hysterically.

So What Does KEKW Mean In Twitch Chat?

The KEKW emote blew up in Twitch chat around 2020. Here’s everything you can know about using Twitch: KEKw. The phrase KEKKW can be confusing for some people if you don’t know where it came from. It can be frustrating when a streamer’s Twitch chat is full of the phrase: “KEW” or PogChamps.”

The word KEKW essentially is a way of expressing hysterical laughter or a way to convey laughter to the Twitch streamer.

It took back control of Twitch Chat in 2020 and will become widely distributed in the future. The phrase will only get added to Twitch chat once it becomes unavailable to the Public. Some common and quirky Twitch symbols are deeply rooted in the culture of the internet.

Many of these emotes don’t exist at all on Twitch natively. Many users own extensions like Franker FaceZ and Better Twitch TV (BTTV) which add countless new custom expressions from meme creators.

You can you these emotes yourself on any Twitch channels if you install one of these extensions.

Think of this as your starter guide to the top emotes that actually make an Internet chat platform a real pleasure in life. We’ll explain the purpose of certain Twitch emotes to help you find your perfect fit and stop being a normie.

How To Use The KEKW Twitch Emote?

To use the KEKW emote you must subscribe to one streamer for which the definition used is applied. You can enter the phrase KEKW into Twitch chat to generate the emote. If you don’t want to use it as an exaggerated facial expression then it can represent laughing uncontrollably in conversation.

You can also enter the term laughter in chat to represent laughter itself. This is a sign of support for streamers using the terms KEKW or KEW in the chat.

The Origin Of The KEKW Twitch Emote:

KEKW originated from a mix of World of Warcraft references and a Spanish video that went viral in meme culture. KEKW was generated throughout the renaissance of Twitch’s Emoticons that launched Resident Sleeper, Pepega, MonkaW, KKona, and other Twitch emotes. The mix of a hilariously famous YouTube video and common gaming geek slang has become one of the most popular Twitch emotes.

What Does KEKW Mean

In this article, we are going to take a close view of the origin and purpose of the emote in order to show the origins of the KEKW emote. The emote originated in response to the Renaissance in the emote culture. The phrase bled through Starcraft and World of Warcraft which is why it’s sometimes referred to as “lol in Orcish.”

Who Is Juan Joya Borja?

Juan Joya Borja
Image Credit Team Secret

The FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension linked KEKW with a picture of “Spanish Laughing Guy” Juan Joya Borja, a Spanish comedian and actor who is most famous for a memetic interview he gave in 2007. He is also known by his stage name El Risitas.

Twitch users loved the “Spanish Laughing Guy” emote so much that they began using it and KEKW more frequently.

The Popularization Of The KEKW Emote

KEKW emote sparked interest via a YouTube video in late 2018. Popular streamers such as AdmiralBulldog and xQc began using the emote in their Twitch streams. Currently, it’s one of the top 15 most used Twitch emotes.

It is only natural that people use this expression to illustrate more deeply that they are laughing. The famous actor has become so popular that the emote has become more popular on the site of the Spanish comedy scene with the KEWW scene with Enrique.

Closing Thoughts

The KEKW meme is one of the most popular memes on Twitch and has been around for a while. It’s unclear where it originated, but some people believe that it came from an old-school chat room in 2005. Regardless of how or why this meme started, we’re all glad to see the world get to enjoy its meaning as well as what it brings into our lives every day.

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