What Does MonkaS Mean? (Twitch Emote Explained)

Monkas Emote

MonkaS is a word that has become popular on Twitch recently. It’s an odd term, but it’s just another way for streamers to interact with their viewers! It started as one guy emoting MonkaS in the chat and everyone else loved it so much they kept repeating it themselves.

Now, there are even more ways to use this fun little word!  The blog post below will tell you how to spruce up your own channel by using some of these methods yourself. Check out the article now if you want to know what MonkaS means on twitch!

What Is MonkaS Meaning On Twitch?

MonkaS is one of the most relatable memes on Twitch. It is useful to use during intensely involved, anxiety-producing sections or in otherwise emotion-inducing moments. When used for game chat it often surfaces during emotional scenes in IRL streaming.

The illustration itself often MonkaS PNG is the green Pepe the frog’s eyes bulging and smiling a little. MonkaS has circulated around Twitch for some time, alongside other popular Pepes emotes including Pepehands, Poggers, Feelsbadman, and Feelsgoodman. MonkaS is used to show fear or anxious thoughts and is also generally used on Twitch if a person is scared, embarrassed, or facing a high-pressure situation.

A variety of the emote eluded and used in Twitch Chat include monkaGIGA, monkaThink, MonskaW, and monkaOMEGA. In February 2018 11 variations were reported as among the most widely used Twitch emotes in Stream Elements.

It might be used during a clutch moment or during a stressful moment for gameplay. It may also appear more frequently on other Twitches streams because it is quite relatable.

MonkaS Origin

MonkaS Emote is a reaction picture of Pepe the Frog. Emotes do spread on Twitch as they’re often humorous or usable. Pepe is a collection of exploitable images depictions of an unusual-looking frog that became exploitable online in 2015.

MonkaS can be traced back to 2011 when it was posted online on 4chan. It was originally made by Pepe but its use in Twitch is strictly different because its message does not carry the same connotations as using a Pepe meme on another platform. The MonkaS Twitch emote was added to Twitch in February 2017 and has since spread across many different platforms.

Who Is Pepe The Frog? Pepe The Frog

Pepe the Frog is a cartoon character from a comic originally posted to 4chan before mainstream attention led to its successful publication as a series of books. Pepe first appeared in Matt Furie’s comic Boy’s Club #1, published October 2005 by Fantagraphics Books. Pepe’s popularity within certain online communities has led him to become an internet meme popularly used with mocking expressions.

The most notable expressions include “feels bad man” and “gone too soon” which are respectively typically captioned as Sad Pepe and Rare Pepes.

Spread Of The MonkaS Twitch Emote

MonkaS became available by the TwitchQuotes database on 27 February 2017. I asked myself how do slang and English words mean? The question was posted as an email in The New York Times Online. Twitter user @Nanilul attempted to add a MonkaS emote to Reddit /r. Place Pixel Art Canvas on April 1 2017 on Twitter.

Pixel Art Monkas

How Do I Use The MonkaS Emotes On Twitch?

Some people come through with an odd variation in their anxious appearance. The most popular variations are monkaOMEGA, monkaThink, monkagiga, and MonkaS. These debts were owed to a subscriber in the name of MonkaSenpai whose use of the MonkaS emote was his own personal emote.

Apparently, it’s being used ironically and even becoming another meme. The emote is available via the third-party BetterTwitchTV Twitch extension as well as the FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension.

The different variations of “MonkaS”

In Twitch, the suffix of “-W” is used to explain facial expressions which are overdramatized. MonkaW is an exaggerated version of the mythical MonkaS The idea is that the expanded eyes of Pepe the frog spread fear and tension. When ranked on TM list with most liked videos on Twitch it came in at 15th place on FIxerFaceZ back in 2017 but it rose in 2018.

When you’re asked how to describe that thing being so very “MonkaGIGA”, you can reply with “MonkaS”.

Wrapping Up

MonkaS is a term used in Twitch chat to express someone’s fear, nervousness, or anxiety. It can be considered the equivalent of “gonna puke” on other social media platforms and forums that have been around longer than Twitch. The word has also become an inside joke among some members of the community, with many creating situations specifically for the purpose of monkaSing them out.

As with any language derived from Twitch, it is important not to take these terms too seriously when they are being used by people who you do not know well.

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