MonkaW Twitch Emote: Meaning And Origin Explained

We are sure you’ve seen a “MonkaW” emote before. It’s the most popular twitch emote and it can be used as an adjective, noun, verb, exclamation, etc. but what does MonkaW actually mean? This article will tell you about the origins of this expression and show you how to do it in Twitch chat so that you can become a part of gamer culture!

MonkaW Meaning and Origin:

Sometimes words are not enough to express a certain feeling especially on a streaming platform where there is a wide range of emotions associated with a particular topic. But things get much heated up during a game streaming as the audience shows a variety of emotions when their favorite game or streamer is involved in it.

These emotes are used by the audience who react to different circumstances during any live stream, like Pepe the frog. This article provides valuable information regarding a very famous emote used in an equally popular streaming platform.


MonkaW Emote Explained:

MonkaW is the most famous emote that is used on this platform. It is generally represented with Pepe the frog zoomed in on his uneasy face. The famously known Pepe the frog and has been also utilized as meme material too. The real MonkaW meaning is used to depict when a streamer is struggling with a very serious or intense situation as the frog has a serious and intense face when zoomed in to proportions.

There are other meanings of the emote too. It is also used when a streamer talks about a very tough competitor or a gaming level or any tricky situation. This can also be used sarcastically to represent fake concern too. You should probably have some good extensions to use and view this emote.

Where Is The MonkaW Emote from?

The origin of this emote can be linked with the MonkaS, another famous emoji and has been on the platform since its inception. But it was only in the year 2016 that it started to get some recognition unless some user uploaded a better version of it. After gaining some momentum, it became a viral emote in 2017, and since then experiencing regular usage.

What is BBTV?

To better understand how you yourself can use this emote in your favorite Twitch chat, it can be good to know what BBTV even is. BBTV or Better Twitch TV is an add-on for Google which helps to enhance the overall experience for both the streamer and the user whilst using Twitch chat.

It aims to add new features that are lacking on the Twitch website such as different viewing modes and new emotes, it can be installed here, once installed you will too be able to use your new favorite emote: MonkaW.

Assuming they allow the use of it in their chat, of course.

KEKW is another popular Twitch emote that can be accessed using BBTV or Franker FaceZ.

The Importance Of Twitch

Twitch is the most recognized live streaming platform in the world. This is a major online streaming platform majorly used by gamers and other people with interesting hobbies. The streaming platform was established by the founders Justin Kan and Emmett Shear in 2011. Since then the platform has gone strong with multiple streamers and enjoys a worldwide viewership.

Currently, it’s an operation function under its parent company Amazon.

Emotes for Twitch

Emotes form an indispensable part of the live streaming platform where it is used by viewers from all over the world to express their reactions to their favorite streaming channel. Emotes are just another name for emoticons that are specifically designed to use for this platform. This can even be treated as a common language that can showcase the brand value or reach of the streamers.

So the use of emoting is very powerful and important on this platform.


In the end, the article provides some deep insights on the MonkaW emote and its proper meaning to help the reader gain some valuable information about this widely popular MonkaW emote on the twitch platform.

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