How To Add Music To Streamlabs OBS In A Few Easy Steps

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Adding the music of your choice to stream lab OBS is very easy and straightforward. It only takes a minute or two before you include your favorite playlist on the software. Although many people ask “how to add music to Streamlabs OBS”  while others don’t have an idea of what Streamlabs OBS means, for their sake, here is a brief explanation on what it means, what it takes to add music from anywhere, including Spotify to the app and enjoy the vibe.

What is Streamlabs OBS?

Streamlabs OBS makes adding and streaming the music of your choice easy; it also allows you to perform some functions such as the addition of widgets, themes, and live chat.

Streamlabs is a streaming software application that aims at improving music streaming quality, the visual appearance of your twitch stream, and it allows you to stream endless songs from any platform, including Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

The addition of OBS features to Streamlabs to make Streamlabs OBS brings about a versatile and original change in the quality of the music. It is user-friendly, easy to access, and free to download; you can have zero knowledge about technology or technical terms and still use it effectively.

Before you can start adding music to Streamlabs OBS, you need to create and have an active account on Streamlabs. Creating an account on Streamlabs is as easy as opening other accounts you are used to, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Furthermore, you don’t have to obtain a master’s degree in information technology (IT) before opening an account and operating on Streamlabs.

To set up an account on the streaming app, you need to search online or visit, sign up by filling in relevant details and basic information about yourself such as name, contact info, and email address. After filling out the form, wait for a confirmation email and click on the link sent. Then, your account is set up on Streamlabs OBS.

When you have finally signed in to your account, you can then proceed to the dashboard and set up the account to your taste by editing the themes and widgets.

You can use our link to signup for Streamlabs OBS Prime and receive 10$ off your first month. You can also signup for the free version using the same link! We recommend giving the free version a try and if you like the service upgrade to prime for all those juicy benefits.

Now that you already have an account set up on Streamlabs OBS, the next thing is to start adding your favorite music to it. This also is very simple. Below, I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to add music to Streamlabs OBS without stress.

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How To Add Music To Streamlabs OBS?

Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy good music? No! Music is life; it is soothing and has a therapeutic effect on the listeners’ body and soul? It’s not just about listening to the music alone; it is also about listening to quality music and giving it. A piece of clear, high-quality, and soothing music improves a person’s well-being.

Also, being able to stream music endlessly heightens listeners’ enjoyment. So, come along and learn how to get copyright-free music and add them to your Streamlabs OBS account.

  1. Go to your streamlabs obs account and log in. Next, select the scene you would like to add music to. You will find the different scenes on the menu bar
  2. After selecting the scene, click on add a new source and then click on the media source.
  3. You will find “add new videos or sounds to your scene” when you click on the media source. Choose any file, music significantly and add.
  4. When you select “music file,” it will bring up the following.
  5. -local file (click on browse and select the music of your choice)
  6. -loop (mark it for song repeat)
  7. -Restart playback when the source becomes active (mark it)
  8. -Use hardware decoding when available (you can choose to mark or not)
  9. -show nothing when playback ends (It’s advisable to mark)
  10. -close file when inactive. (Optional)
  11. -Speed (set the speed limit to your preferred taste)
  12. YUV Color Range (Auto)
  13. After all, these are in place, click on “Done.”
  14. Click on the icon bar next to the mixer
  15. Click on advanced audio settings. You will see a list like
  16. Desktop Audio
  17. Mic/Aux
  18. Media Source
  19. Monitor off
  20. Monitor off
  21. Monitor and Output
  22. You can change the settings of the features mentioned above. Also, change ‘Monitor Off’ to ‘Monitor and Output’ under ‘Audio Monitoring.’

Now that you know how to add music to your Streamlabs OBS account, you should also note that there are many platforms where you can get music but ensure that this music is free, I mean without copyright strike.

How To Add Spotify To Streamlabs OBS?

Spotify is one fantastic platform where you can get as much music as possible, great vibes, and high quality to add to Streamlabs OBS. If you want to enjoy great live streaming from Spotify on your Streamlabs OBS account, it’s straightforward. What you have to do is to follow these stress-free instructions.

  1. Download and install the Spotify desktop app on your PC or laptop. This will make it possible to add Spotify on streamlabs obs.
  2. Launch the Spotify app on your computer
  3. Sign in to your account on streamlabs obs, tap on the + icon on the streaming app to add a new source to your scene. This is very easy if you have read the instructions above.
  4. After adding a new source, click on “window capture.” You will find it among the other features when you click on the “+” icon.,
  5. After clicking on “Window Capture,” scroll down and select Spotify.exe: Spotify free
  6. Click on the “done” icon
  7. Stay on the Spotify window capture, right-click on the mouse and select “Transform and Stretch to Screen.”
  8. Adjust the size of the Spotify app on your computer and drag it to the place you want it to be displayed while streaming the music.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy endless streaming on Spotify through Streamlabs OBS.

How To play Spotify music offline on Streamlabs OBS.

If you are conversant with Spotify, you will agree that only those using Spotify’s premium account can download music for offline listening. Those with a free account cannot but if you have a free Spotify account and wish to add music on streamlabs obs for offline listening, there’s a way. Yes! Aren’t you surprised?

There’s a legal way you can download Spotify music and listen to them offline through Streamlabs OBS. Follow these steps below.

  1. Download AudFree Spotify Music Converter on your computer. After downloading the converter, the Spotify app will begin by itself.
  2. Go to the Audfree main interface, drag any music on Spotify and drop in there.
  3. Head over to the Menu from the upper-right-hand corner and open the setting window.
  4. According to your needs, click on Convert and put the Spotify-music output set-up in place or modify the rates e.g the bite rate, the sample rate, etc.
  5. Download Spotify music by clicking on the Convert tab at the bottom-right corner; then, all added Spotify music would be downloaded and converted faster.
  6. Go back to streamlabs obs and click on the “+” icon to add the source to your scene like those steps at the top.
  7. Click on “Media Source” and click on load file. That is, the music you just downloaded from Spotify on Audfree.
  8. Stream and enjoy freely downloaded Spotify music on streamlabs obs offline!

There are several platforms where you can get free music without copyright infringement online and then enjoy streaming them on streamlabs obs.

Also, music isn’t the only thing you can stream on streamlabs obs; you can also stream videos and games soundtracks on the app. Some of the free to use platforms for free music, games, and videos include


This platform offers streamers like you a great library full of high-quality, positive vibes and soothing bedtime songs. You can download a long list of endless music and enjoy the rest of your existence on the globe.


This user-friendly platform offers a wide range of video game music, game soundtracks, featuring tracks from Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, and many more! So if you want to enjoy the unending soundtracks of your favorite games, rush down to game chops now!!

Epidemic sound

I know this sounds like a disaster or disease but trust me, it’s not. Well, it is a music disaster, positively. Here is a platform that offers streamers the chance to download as much music as possible within the time frame of a month. In addition, it gives new users a free month trial.

If I were you, I would download the entire music on that platform before the free trial elapsed.

The role of music cannot be over-emphasized in individuals’ lives and society at large. Music communicates with the spirit and soul of humans; it draws out emotions that are often covered up and soothes the aching heart.

Music is one thing that keeps us alive and entertained. It cannot be compared to anything. So, enjoy it while it lasts!!!!

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