How to Donate Bits on Twitch In 4 Easy Steps

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How to Donate Bits on Twitch:

Have you ever come across streamers discussing how to donate bits on Twitch but couldn’t join the fun? There is nothing wrong with that, and we are all learning something new every day. For your information, Bits are considered Twitch’s virtual currency that serves as a token of appreciation for a streamer’s loyal work.

If you treasure a streamer’s work which can be pretty entertaining or very educative, be generous to them and cheer them by micro-donating a few of your Bits. Although there could be some minor variations about the various types of donations, donating is done almost the same way. As stated earlier, Bits are a virtual currency meant to appreciate a streamer’s hard work.

How can someone acquire Bits? It is simple; you buy using the actual cash, as many as you can. While watching a stream, either an educating or entertaining session, at least you will come across a particular streamer whom you will like his/ her work. Out of your generosity, you give him/her a token of appreciation for their informative or entertaining stream.

In Twitch, tipping is our culture, and that’s why we refer to it as cheering, especially if you tip using your Bits. In other words, cheering is simply donating some of your Bits. Note that although donations can be viewed as mere tips to a streamer, the fact is that streamers view tips as treasures.

As you gain more informative and entertaining streams, one of the things you will wish to learn is how to give bits on Twitch to appreciate that particular streamer.

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How To Donate Bits On Twitch In 4 Easy Steps

You cannot donate what you don’t have, can you? This means that the first most crucial step before you thinks about donating bits is buying your Bits. As stated earlier, bits cost real money. Now, how can you purchase or add more bits to your Twitch account?

  1. You must be in the system, which means that you will have to Log in to your Twitch account. Once logged in, navigate to the channel section.

Here, you will see a drop-down menu on the top rightmost part of the stream.

  1. Now pick the “Get Bits” option.
  2. Choose the appropriate amount of Bits you want to buy; technically, there is no limitation; you can buy as much you can. It’s time to pay for your Bits, so kindly have it done.
  3. Your purchase will be updated within a few seconds, but anyway, don’t faint if it takes more than the user to process. Be assured your inventory will be updated no matter what.
  4. Congratulation! You own Bits; now it’s time to cheer your favorite streamers.

With your Bits on your Twitch account, you have the freedom to Cheer for your streamers wherever and however you like, as you are the only one who knows the value you derive from that particular stream.

What about donating? How is it done? It’s also effortless.

While still logged into your Twitch account and on the channel section, type the word cheer followed by the amount you wish to donate and the reason for tipping. For example, to donate 300 Tips, you will need to type “cheer300 Most laughable stream of 2021’ Human is to error; if you make a typo error while typing, the system gives you an allowance to rectify the mess before initiating the approval step.

For instance, if you wanted to enter “cheer 300” but by mistake, you type “cheer3000,” you will have at least five seconds to rectify the mess before the transaction is done. Note that most transactions are irreversible due to the heavy traffic involved in the servers, so kindly be very keen; otherwise, don’t regret being over-generous.

The most fantastic thing about Twitch accounts is that they are compatible across Android smartphones, iPhones, and even on your desktop or laptop machine. However, it is worth noting that there exists a slight variation on how you buy your Bits on your mobile but using them is just the same. Besides, the more you are generous, i.e., donating, the higher your bit discount becomes.

It also means that your badge will have more reputation since every tip you cheer a streamer is recorded.

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How To Donate Bits On Twitch Continued

Maybe you would like to know how much does Bits cost. Technically, I Bit will cost you ~1 penny. Typically Cheering is an irreversible transaction. A streamer continues receiving Bits as they donated. This is a win-win deal. The streamer puts more effort into creating a stream that many viewers will like to send a tip to.

In fact, a streamer must accumulate over $ 100 worth of Bits for them to withdraw their donated Bits. To make it more fun, a novice streamer or those trying to manage their following must show some patience before receiving their earnings. The experienced streamers have nothing to wait for so long before cashing out their dues. Besides, expect a 25-30% deduction of your entire earning as the cost of managing the platform.

Donating Bits will earn you emotes as your reward. Remember, emotes are payable, particularly when you tip using either 1, 100, 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000 Bits. Emotes are available in different sizes and shapes. Earning emotes directly proportion to how generous you are cheering, i.e., the more you cheer, the more emote value you make.

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For instance, earning a Cheer Chat Badge says much about your support for the channel you are using. Although subscribing can also motivate a streamer, but honestly speaking, using Bits to cheer can motivate your streamers to offer great content for you. Most users will cheer when a streamer has said something fantastic, they have won a competition, or have some clever or amusing content.

Let say cheering is reactive spending that you feel is worth rewarding a streamer who has done something peculiar.

Donating On Twitch Vs Bits

There is a slight variation when using donations over tipping. When it comes to donations, you use your credit card to tip your streamer directly rather than buying Bits. For instance, you can use your PayPal to tip a streamer directly. The good thing about donations is that the streamer receives 100% of the donations since Twitch doesn’t cut the site running cost.

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How to Donate Bits on Twitch!