Is your data plan getting too expensive? Are you worried about how much data the Twitch app uses when you’re streaming? Twitch can be a huge drain on your data plan, especially if you’re streaming for hours at a time.

If you want to stream or watch Twitch without going over the limit of how much data is allowed each month, it’s important that you understand how these apps use data and what things will cause them to take up more bandwidth than others. This blog post should help explain how this all works!

Data can be used in a lot of ways, but the majority is through streaming. The Twitch app will use around 0.06 GB per hour when you’re streaming videos or broadcasts live on your device. When live streaming from your device you can use the table below to determine your personal data usage while streaming.

How Much Data Does Twitch Use?

How Much Data Does Twitch Use

We have compiled a list of steps that will show how to monitor and manage how much data the Twitch app consumes.

  1. -You can view how much data is used by the mobile application on device settings
  2. -You can configure how often updates are downloaded by going into Settings > Data Usage > App Updates.
  3. -You can also stop auto-updates in the App Updates section
  4. -Go to Settings > Data Usage, and if you have an unlimited data plan, then tap Restrict Background Data.
  5. -Lastly, go into General Preferences on your Twitch mobile app and disable push notifications for chats.

The last thing that we recommend is disabling how often Android will scan files on your phone or tablet. We suggest using a third-party application like SD Maid Pro from Google Play Store as it offers extensive features with regards to particularities of how much data Twitch uses.

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If you want more information about how to manage how much data the Twitch app consumes please visit Twitch Support.