Keepo Twitch Emote – Meaning and Origin

Keepo Twitch Emote

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Keepo Twitch Emote

The keepo emote is the Dota 2 version of the emote Kappa, which looks like the Dota 2 hero Meepo. It is a Kappa with Meepo ears and a straw in its mouth.

Keepo Emote Meaning:

The keepo Emote is considered the cat version of the Kappa emote, which is the exact same meaning, but the user prefers cats over humans. The meaning of the keepo emote is to indicate sarcasm toward a streamer who has done something you are either amused, confused, or angered by.

Keepo Emote Origin:

The keepo emote originates from the Dota 2 community and can be dated back to the earliest days of Dota. The emoticon has also been used to troll League of Legends streamers.

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