How to Find Your YouTube Stream

So, you’ve grown your fan base through high-quality YouTube videos, or maybe you’re a new creator looking to start their streamer career on YouTube, as opposed to another streaming platform such as Twitch or Facebook.

But you’re sick and tired of fumbling around YouTube’s ever-increasingly complicated interface to find your YouTube stream key so that you can input it into your streaming software of choices, such as OBS or Xsplit.

Allowing you to finally show the world your skills. Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve already messed around, clicked in and out of every option available to find the place where your YouTube streaming key lives, so you don’t have to.

Looking for Your YouTube Stream Key?

Your YouTube stream key, or stream URL (as it’s also known as), is the unique string of characters that you’ll be inputting into your streaming software so that you can connect your live video stream to youtube.

If you’ve already got your channel properly set up and ready to go, and you don’t want to fumble around the interfaces for yourself then click this link: My YouTube Streaming Key – and you’ll be directed to the page which contains your key.

Next, you just want to copy and paste it into your streaming software, whether that’s OBS, Streamlabs, or Xsplit. It shouldn’t matter which broadcasting software you are using, other than where you might put your steaming key, but usually, that’s far easier to find the actual streaming key, to begin with.

How To Find Your YouTube Stream Key Manually

YouTube Stream Key Tutorial

Although we have offered you a way to quickly find your streaming key, it can be important just to know how to get to that page for yourself, in case you ever need the information in the future.

  • First, make sure you are on the YouTube homepage and you’re signed in to the account you want to stream from.
  • Whilst still on the homepage, click your profile at the top right of the page, then you should see a dropdown. Look for YouTube Studio and click that.

Note: You should be directed to your YouTuber studios dashboard, but maybe you’ve been greeted with a screen that asks to verify your account. This is completely normal if you’ve never visited this page before, so feel free to do that before moving onto the next step.

  • Direct your attention to the left side of the screen, where you should see quite a few options.

You’re looking for the button which says Live Streaming and under that button should be another option called Stream Now. Click that.

  • Once you have pressed that, you will need to scroll down to the Encoder Setup; section where you will see your YouTube Stream key.

Though this will be blurred out as a way of protecting your key from anyone who may be watching your screen. (say if you’re currently streaming on another platform). Click the reveal button and your actual YouTuber streaming key should show up.

The Url of your stream should show here too, in case you need to enter that in the broadcasting software

The final step!

You now just want to copy your key and go paste it into your broadcasting software of choice, after that, click the Stream Now button on the software, and your stream should now be live on your channel.

You can check that your stream is up and running by heading over to From here, you will be able to see how many people are watching your live stream, or how many viewers have interacted with your recent broadcasts. 

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