WeirdChamp Meaning & Origin – Twitch Emote Guide

WeirdChamp Emote

The emotes on Twitch are the primary way of communication between streamers and their viewers. However, many of them have no meaning or context to new viewers.

We all know that using the right emote at the right time can make a huge difference in your engagement with other users on Twitch, but it’s hard for new users to understand which ones are appropriate for any given situation.

In this article, we break down what the WeirdChamp emote means so you can use it properly in Twitch chat.

WeirdChamp Twitch Emote Meaning

It is among Twitch’s oldest emotes. The streamer Goofeteck has a floppy face in the emote and is used to express disappointment. The emote is used to express disbelief in some conversations.

Also, you can use it if the comments are so fabricated they cannot get the proper meaning.

Origin Of WeirdChamp Emote On TwitchWeirdChamp Emote

The original emote appeared during a live chat on Twitch in 2012. It features Ryan Gutierrez’s ‘Gooteck’ Gutierrez’ facial expression until it was canceled from the internet in January 2020.

On Reddit, members asked for variants in which Ryan’s face looks disillusioned. Facebook and Better TV have prohibited Gutierrez’s appearance to use it from 2018. Several variations of the PogChamp emote are no longer supported on Twitch.

Who Is Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez?


Image From Know Your Meme

WeirdChamp is the face of Ryan “ Gootecks ” Gutierrez’s who is also the face behind the original PogChamp emote. His popularity increased from competitors, as well as his support in the streets against criminal charges. In addition to podcast work, he is noted for podcast videos and a book on street fighting.

He founded Cross CounterTV. Cross-Counter television is a television platform designed for battle game lovers. They produce shows on Twitch and YouTube as well as stream tournaments.

Is The WeirdChamp Emote Banned On Twitch?

The WeirdChamp Emu is not available on Twitch and was left behind. Despite being removed from Facebook, they’re available from all TV providers and BTTV. Ryan Gootecks Gutierrez had posted Instagram pictures and calls for and encourages violent action.

Twitch in turn has banned popular Gooteck PogChamp from its platform, and FrankerFaceZ has followed Twitch’s decision and banned the use of emotes based on Gootecks’ face. A number of gamers continue to complain as Twitch banned PogChamps’s popular Pog Emo for personal use.

How Can You Use The WeirdChamp Emote In Your Twitch Channel?

WeirdChamp requires an installer for the Twitch TV browser extension. Only viewers with the BTTV extension installed are allowed to view the Twitch emotes. To use the Twitch feature, weird champ must be set to an individual account.

Once you have achieved our goal, you are able to deploy the WeirdChamp, Pepega, MonkaW, and KEKW twitch emotes in your Twitch channel. In addition, you must register the Twitch account at BTTV if you are using these browser extension tools.


The WeirdChamp emote is often used on Twitch to signify that someone did something weird or unexpected. It can be a way of showing their appreciation for the odd behavior, too!

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