Best Twitch Thots Of 2022: 17 Most Popular Twitch Thots

Twitch Thots

You may have heard of Twitch, the live streaming video platform that allows gamers to share their gameplay with viewers all over the world. Well, there are some of the best Twitch thots out there that are taking it to another level by showing off their bodies and faces for attention during live streams. So we wanted to put together a list of our best Twitch live stream thots so you can check them out and support their streams!

The Top 17 Most Popular Twitch Thots In 2022

Some women have leveraged their beauty to gain major stardom on Twitch. Some have deemed it offensive but on the other hand, the phrase is just a meme. We take a closer look at the hottest Twitch streamers of the game right now.

This article is in no way meant to discredit these high-profile female twitch streamers who we believe make good content and show us that you can look great doing it. It’s something that the Twitch Streaming Community comprehends and loves the ladies from Twitch and does not consider “Twitch Thots” to be an offensive term.

1. Pokimane (9 Million Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: Pokimane

Find Pokimane On Twitch

Pokimane has been nominated to win a Creative Entrepreneur of 2018. She joined Twitching in 2012 and has since gained numerous followers. She’s famous for her League of Legends streams and Fortnite. Besides Twitch she’s also popular on a variety of TV channels.

She has been selected for her roles in the film Free Guy. The movie was due out earlier in May 2017. Actually nothing bad. That is definitely contributing to her popularity. She routinely plays other games too with Internet personalities and is famous for engaging in arguments with them.

2. Amouranth (5.3 Million Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: Amouranth

Find Amouranth on Twitch

Kaitlyn Siragusa born in 1993 started with Twitch in 2010. The actress is known for Twitch streaming and was a prolific model and co-star in her own right. During high school, she began designing costumes and was noticed by the Houston Ballet and Houston Grand Opera.

She often slips in her pools, like accidentally exposing enough skin and other body parts. Of course, she was banned but the end result is hordes of naive guys going to her to see what is there. In addition to Twitch, you can view it here on Youtube. Her chat is usually full of lurkers that love watching her content.

3. Kandyland (445,000 Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: Kandyland

Find Kandyland on Twitch

She will be most famous for her World of Warcraft streams and League of Legends streams. Kandyland studied Computer programming at the University of Sweden and said that she might like to become an engineer one day.

She counts more than 300,000 subscribers to her Twitch channel and she’s probably the world’s most popular gamer watched on Twitch. She is a Twitch partner with many millions of fans.

4. Loserfruit (2.7 Million Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: Loserfruit

Find Loserfruit on Twitch

Kathleen Belsten joins the popular female Twitch streamers as a 20-year-old. She is well known for her humoristic personality which keeps the viewer entertained. Her diversity and hotness mixed with her sincerest smiles keep Loserfruit audiences hooked on the show.

She can stream either vlogging or present creative content with the same eagerness. Their username contains the word “loser” and she’s nothing but! She is a great Hack for viewers and can keep them on their feet if needed for more. She has 2.4 million followers on Twitch.

5. Alinity (1.5 Million Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: Alinity

Find Alinity on Twitch

She is known as a person who abuses laws and did the damage to those who insult her. She has 8 years of Twitch experience and is a game developer better known for her parties in Apex Legends and World of Warcraft. She’s banned sometimes but at the same time, she gets away with it. Besides, her content is often streamed from the Just Chatting streams.

She has more than 1.3 million followers on Twitch and is currently the first female streaming artist on the most popular female – streaming directory in the world with about eight years of gaming experience.

6. AnneMunition (647,000 Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: AnneMunition

Find AnneMunition on Twitch

Anne Munition, a 30-year-old Twitch streamer has 7 years of experience. The Queen was inducted into the White House at the invitation of the President. She talks openly about the sexism and harassment that are targeted at LGBTQ+ members and provides them the voice they need.

The actress also took part in live streaming using the hashtag #KeepFamiliesTogether to raise funds for an immigration non-profit. She will be nominated as the best Twitch player in 2022. She is one of the first female gamers invited to the White House and has been named the Best streamer of the year of all time.

She is known for activist work and charity work.

7. ChocoBars (933,000 Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: ChocoBars

Find ChocoBars on Twitch

Janet Rose is one of these rare talents she enjoys showing up in LOL. In addition to being named Twitch’s 12th – year winner the artist was nominated for the award. Her channel x-ChocoBars is all about rare talents she showcases abundantly.

She dropped out of school as a streamer and began streaming LoL content with commentary written as a voiceover. And she made an important mistake in Among Us recently that ended so badly that She was left in tears. The audience criticized her poor judgment and she cried. Somehow, this proved it was the opposite of how she wrote: ‘You shouldn’t be happy when you don’t be happy.

8. Chica (2.2 Million Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: Chica

Find Chica on Twitch

Chica, actual name Maria Lopes, is best known for her Fortnite party. She also broadcasts content from Among Us, Valorant, Call of Duty, and PUBG. While many female streamers tend to resort naturally to hiding all their physical attributes when playing, Chica is the opposite.

She is simply excellent in the game which is sexier than everything else. Her naturally feminine character was what allowed her under the name Twitch Thots. So if you want good gaming skills with sexy writing all over the place this is the streamer you will not miss! Chica is a member of #BushBandit & SMB.

9. LegendaryLea (622,000 Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: LegendaryLea

Find LegendaryLea on Twitch

Legendary Lea May Currier is best known around Twitch for her games such as Overwatch and World of Warcraft. She was banned for their streaming behavior and for her friendship with Sodapoppin a streaming character on WoW. She is a graduate majoring in physiology and neuroscience but tries to keep things flexible as she combines Sims 4 with an equation every once in the equation.

Her followers number is 6.635K yet that can not stop her from being fabulous! We know her best for her achievements in the game such as in Blizzard’s Blizzard Game but she’s really hot to watch!

10. DizzyKitten (671,000 Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: DizzyKitten

Find DizzyKitten on Twitch

DizzyKitten is a veteran twitch streamer since she began streaming in 2013. She’s well known in the gaming community for her game choices that leave them on the edge of the mainstream. Her broadcasts normally cover American Truck Simulator, Counter War: Global Offensive, and Stardew Valley.

In fact, the way that the public has been viewing she’s sticking with her regular timing. Thus it means she can’t miss 5 hours each day. She explains her diverse personality and friendly soul to the public so they stay back for more of her videos. Her entertainment ability keeps her viewers engaged through her humorous spirit.

11. Kaceytron (557,000 Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: Kaceytron

Find Kaceytron on Twitch

Kacey Caviness who plays Kaceytron on Twitch is certainly the one you will not want to miss. Along with constant teasing in her channels, there is still controversy around jokes she makes. Recently she posted abusive behavior on Reddit so there’s always something going on.

Her gaming skill is high-level and you can find her as a troll in LoL, but she strives to preserve diversity and keep the interest of the viewers by broadcasting content from WoW, CounterStrike, and League of Legends. A joke that she made while trying to fight a pulmonary infection ended in 2020 resulting in a ban.

12. Pink Sparkles (1.1 Million Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: Pink Sparkles

Find Pink Sparkles on Twitch

Samantha Tomlinson (yes it’s really her real name) had previously been a teacher. Fortnight and League of Legends and World of Warcraft are among their frequent genres. But it is often suited to just chatting streams category and Variety so she gets her fans rich diversity of streaming.

She was suspended for explicit content for her explicit streams but she has no longer made it. She has 1.1M followers on Twitter and 1.2M on Facebook and Twitter and she has been banned from online streaming because its popularity is excessive. She is a Twitch thot with over 1 Million followers on Twitch.

13. It’s Hafu (1.3 Million Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: It's Hafu

Find It’s Hafu on Twitch

Rumay Wang is the founder of the username ItsHafu. Female streamers are quite adept on Twitch over the last five years. According to the 2018 list, Hafu joins the eSport G2 and is considered a worthwhile addition. She openly discusses and is against sexual harassment in gaming.

No wonder because of her gaming skills in October 2020 she has the second-largest share of female streams among female Streamers. The singer excels in WoW where she won quite a few titles. She is a hard-core Specialist with Hearthstone and we can assure her she is among the top female streamers and players around the world.

14. KittyPlays (1.1 Million Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: KittyPlays

Find Kitty plays on Twitch

Kristen Michaela joined Twitch in 2013 and is one of the top female streamers on Twitch. She’s mostly seen at PUBG and Fortnite streaming videos with Overwatch. The former medical consultant dropped his clinical abacus to take up business.

Besides gaming videos, she’s also known for her vlogs or irl streams, which include cooking and Supercar racing. The most beautiful thing about Kristen was her impersonation of Burlesque actor Dita Von Teese. She has around 1.1M Twitter followers and about 1.3M on Facebook. You’re also going to see them pursuing cars.

15. JessicaBlevins (452,000 Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: JessicaBlevins

Find JessicaBlevins on Twitch

Jessica Blevins is married/manager of Ninja and has been thanked for her success. She is also a different persona and this easily translates to her Twitch videos independently and despite her father. Her streams are focused mostly on halo, Dead by daylight, food & beverages, and just chatting category.

She is also dedicated to the “instant chats” category. All these female streamers were living examples of the motto, “Behind all successful men there is a woman’s. What a woman! Just go into the stream now and understand what I’m talking about!

16. Lilypichu (2.4 M Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: Lilypichu

Find Lilypichu on Twitch

Lily Ki AKA Lilypichu is a Korean video gamer and streamer frequently associated with Dota2 streamer Jacky “EternalEnVy” Mao. We know her most for her successful League of Legends streams but we can confidently say she is a top Variety streamer.

She is mostly admired for the fact that she never forgets her origin and is sometimes involved with streams about Korean and Japanese culture. Directly tied to that is her affinity for anime and often posting her favorite anime playlists. Have you never visited her yet?

17. Dinglederper (433,000 Twitch Followers)

Best Twitch Thots: Dinglederper

Find Dinglederper on Twitch

Tory Weeks is in a relationship with singer James “Phantom Lord” Varga. She’s generally famous for his PUBG videos and CS GO streams. She is always keeping her readers happy always bringing something new to the table! In spite of many celebrities being known as private people, she was even known on television.

She dated James “Phantom Lord” Varga in 2012 but is currently going through a split with her ex-partner James “Phantom” Varga with whom she dated. She has over 800 followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitch Thot FAQ:

What is a Twitch Thot?

A Twitch Thot is a woman who dresses in provocative clothing or acts in provocative way to gain attention or get donors or real time viewers for a Twitch channel. In this case, it has been used by many female streams to harass women who are beautiful and who have built a following on Twitch. Several “hot tub water bottles” are labeled as such. The word “Thot” was added to the urban dictionary as an anagram for “that ho,” and it is used as slang to explain a girl as “sexually promiscuous”.

How Should You Treat Women Who Are Streaming On Twitch?

In fact, many people don’t like women who appear in any way provocatively on Twitter. The reason behind the controversy is that many people dislike women. I’m not sure I have to go out of my way to insult someone or insult them in some other way.

If you don’t like what someone does, scroll past them and find someone you like. Everyone should have respect but calling someone out can backfire on you. In many cases calling out someone to say something not in your favor could result in backfires – he says. Don’t be shy at giving them the attention they need.

If you find somebody you don’t like find someone for your liking.

Why Doesn’t Twitch Ban Twitch Thots?

While there can be some missteps when users do not want to be included in the app when they don’t wish. If not intentionally broken, rules could not be banned for long. Historically there seemed a lot of “untouchable” Twitch streamers: men and women. Twitch will cover the tracks and let them continue streaming in an illegitimate way that does not reflect others’ feelings about the move.

Twitch does not have anything in its privacy policy saying you cant look good and become one of the most popular streamers.

According to the company’s statement, Twitch is investigating sexual harassment accusations but did not immediately respond. Many people are speaking out about the problem and there are some who are angry and disappointed.

Are Twitch Thots Stealing Views?

The most popular Twitch streamers are male and the biggest viewers come through the platform to view Twitch streams. The only example in which a woman can really be stealing is if both of you were fully equally matched in skills, entertainment value, and brand and somebody chose her just because they found her more appealing to everyone.

It’s possible to steal these people’s trust by improving your overall entertainment values. The only thing you can do is to “improve” these viewers’ entertainment value and to become more attractive to a woman who is more attractive than you are.

Is Twitch Thots Against Twitch ToS?

Most of the time women who dress provocatively on Twitch are not technically breaking any rules because Twitch has a relatively lax dress code. A person with suggestive behavior or over the top adult content can be banned from Twitch.

How Does Someone Get Labeled A Twitch Thot?

Many Twitch women are known as Twitch Thots despite whether or not they act provocation. Purists try to find that the following features have the potential to distinguish the individual as a Twitch Thot.

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Wrapping Up

These are the top Twitch thots of 2022. They have made a name for themselves by being sexy, entertaining to watch, and great at gaming. Whether you’re looking for someone to play with or just want some eye candy while playing your favorite game – these 17 best twitch thots should be on your radar in 2022! Let us know who is YOUR favorite streamer?

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