PogO Emote On Twitch – Meaning, Origin, And Usage

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Do you know what PogO means on Twitch? If not, you’re not alone. While the PogO emote is commonly used on the gaming platform, its meaning and origin are a mystery to many. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the history of the PogO emote and explain its usage among gamers.

We’ll also show you how to use it in your own Twitch chats. So, if you’re curious about what all the hype is about, keep reading!

PogO Twitch Emote (And Meaning)

Many Twitch emotes, like Pepega, KEKW, and Keepo, have become famous over time and are the ‘go-to’s’ for showcasing certain expressions. When words are not enough, just use an emote to convey the perfect meaning – anger, disbelief, incredulity, and more.

Pogo Emote On Twitch

One such emote is the PogO emote – used to express indifference. It is used in a dismissive sense when one is reacting to the streamer or someone else in the chat and they’re basically denoting their ‘disinterest’.

It may be used alongside the words ‘Who Cares?’ or ‘Really, Bro?’ in both an indifferent and dismissive sense.

It is an edited version of the PogU emote, which is based on a surprised expression from Ryan Gutierrez. The PogO emote, on other hand, has its lips edited shut to be left with a funny, weirded-out expression that is similar to the Weirdchamp emote.

PogO Origin

The PogO originated from the category of POG emotes is said to be on the emote database website FrankerFaceZ by user PermanentlyBanned on October 20th, 2019. It was removed after the PogChamp ban on Twitch in early January, 2021.

It was uploaded to the BetterTTV website by MaxDerApfel on 20th April, 2020 and has been reported to be used on 8,007 channels.

It’s mainstream popularity can be traced (possibly) back to xQc’s chat on Twitch, when xQc began using it to poke fun at various people.

Usage of The PogO Emote

How do you use a PogO emote on Twitch? Well, since it is a FrankerFaceZ and BetterTTV emote, you’ll need to have the FFZ/BTTV browser extension to be able to use it.

Download the emote from the FrankerFaceZ or BetterTTV website for your particular browser, activate it, and then refresh the page. You will be able to see it now.

It’s only available for desktop browsers at this point, so if you’re viewing through mobile, you’ll only see the word ‘PogO’ and not the actual emote (when someone uses it).

When you want to use it in the Twitch service, you’ll need to have it added to your browser and the streamer that you’re following will need to ‘allow’ followers using the PogO emote.

To use: Simply type the name of the emote, in this case, ‘PogO’ or type a colon (:), and start writing the name of your emote, then get it from the drop-down list.

When Should You Use The PogO Twitch Emote?

You should use the PogO emote when you want to express your indifference to a streamer or a fellow viewer’s comments or discussion in general.

You can also use it to denote ‘disbelief’ for a streamer/viewer’s comments – to show your indirect, mild aversion to something the other person is saying because either you find it hard to believe or you’re not interested in hearing more about it because you really don’t care.


The PogO emote is one of the most (recently) memorable emotes on Twitch, which was banned following the controversy that arose out of PogChamp’s comments on the Capitol Hill riots in Jan, 2021.

When in use, it was quite popular as the go-to expression for disinterest or indifference in the Twitch community, or when one was not quite sure what to make of a streamer/viewer’s comments and thus used the PogO emote to dismiss their opinion.