PepeHands Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin


The PepeHands emote is usually used when we want to react with sorrow to a sad event that is occurring in the stream. This emote belongs to the Pepe the frog family among the frog-emotes as well as MonkaW, and Pepega. It is perfect to signal something sad that makes us sad and is usually used to reply to it crying on his cheeks while attempting to dry them out with his own hands.

It looked as if he were just losing his friend who exclaimed “Why the hell? Pepehands.” The meaning behind PepeHands varies depending on who you ask but it’s most likely a sign that someone is feeling sad or disappointed about something they are watching happen in real life or online.

What Does PepeHands Mean?

His arms are held up by frogs with Tears. Thus the name he is. It is used either to say you are irritated with something or pretend to be upset with something. Suitable as an alternative to the WidePeepoSad or Sadge emote on Twitch.

The emote of the Pepe the frog family has been released on Twitch and is available on various Twitch browser extensions.

PepeHands Origin

The origin of PepeHands being a top emote on Twitch and BetterTTV can be linked back to 2016. The first Pepe the Frog meme to make a return trip to Twitch was the popular MonkaS emote uploaded in 2016. It grew exponentially in 2017. Presently Pepehands has 62,000,000 applications on FFZ, betterTTV, and FrankerFaceZ Web Browsers combined.

PepeHand was posted in the BetterTV browser extension on October 27 2017 by user P3NTAZ. In the course of being popular on 4chan in 2008 and becoming available in various media online by 2015.

Pepe the Frog

Pepe The Frog

Pepe the Frog is an internet meme that’s been around since 2005. He has a sad, lonesome look on his face and he’s often seen with a cigarette in his mouth. You may know him from memes like “Feels good man,” “I can’t even,” or “feels bad man.”

What you might not know is that Pepehands has become one of the most popular Twitch emotes in recent months.

The Spread Of The Pepehands Emote

The emote began to be seen in Twitch streamer Forsen’s chat community in July of the following year. A user posted in /r/forsen talking about development in Forsen’s streaming style from 27 July 2017 using ‘pepehands’ gained 89 upvotes (pictured below. So this is basically the only thing. Thanks, jabrona. Gonna listen to the old Forsen – we miss you now PepeHands”.


PepeHands is used when we want to communicate sadness so that people may even cry. It is part of peppé the family of frogs. To view the emote you must install the extension BetterTTV/FrankerFaceZ. The emote is used to show sadness in an expression.

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