Twitch is a fantastic site, isn’t it? It is a place for gamers to come together, streaming, playing, and sharing information. It’s been a place many of us have loved for years. But sometimes, your love fizzles out, your needs change, and it is time to say goodbye to twitch. Whatever your reason might be, you have found yourself wanting to delete your twitch account, but with no idea how to do so!

You might find yourself lost, confused, or a little overwhelmed about how to do this, questioning everything you think you know. But don’t panic; today, we will walk you through how to delete twitch accounts! Keep reading to find out how to delete your twitch account and any tips along the way!

Before you delete!

Before we get into deleting your twitch account, there is something you should know. Deleting your twitch account will permanently erase any content that you have on there. That means highlights, clips, saved videos, personal information (user ID), and settings will be erased! If that does not appeal to you, you can disable your account instead. Disabling a twitch account effectively deactivates your account without deleting your user information.

This way, you can log back into your account should you change your mind down the line. If you still want to delete your twitch account, let’s look at how to do it!

How to delete Twitch account

The following instructions are for deleting your twitch account on a Mac or PC. We will get onto this later for those wanting to delete it on their phones or the app. Using a Mac or PC, you can delete your account in three easy steps. First, head over to If you are not signed in to your account, you will need to do so.

Next, you will need to head to the account deletion page on twitch. This page isn’t always easy to find; you can use the link below to do so or type it into your search bar.

After using the above link, select the reason why you wish to delete your account. After entering your reason for deleting, simply click the “delete account” button. Your request will then be processed, and your account will be erased forever!

What about on Twitch’s app?

When it comes to deleting your Twitch account via the app, you can’t do it. You will need to use a web browser.

Users reported issues trying to delete their account via an iPhone or Android phone. When deleting the account, it is a good idea to sign out of any Twitch app you have previously logged into. What you can do, though, is disable your Twitch account.

As we mentioned earlier, disabling your account effectively deletes it but saves your user information should you wish to access the account later. You can simply delete the app as you would delete any app on your device or games console. Logging out beforehand and erasing all data will remove your data.

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Disabling your Twitch account:

If this appeals to you, you can follow the steps below to disable your Twitch account. To disable your Twitch account, you will need to open Twitch and sign in if necessary. Once logged in, click on the account icon. This is usually in the top right-hand corner. Once clicked, select the settings option on the drop-down menu.

The settings page will then load up. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will see the “Disabling your Twitch account” section. Click on this section, and a link to disable your account should appear. It is best to double-check that you are signed in with the Twitch account you wish to disable.

There is a box where you can give a reason why you are disabling your Twitch account. It is entirely optional, so you are under no obligation to complete this section. Next, click the “Disable Account” button. The screen should tell you that your account has now been disabled.

You will be signed out of Twitch, and any activity on your account will be paused. Remember that you can rejoin at any time by signing back into Twitch with your disabled account details. Twitch will ask if you wish to reactivate your account, allowing you access once more.

What if it’s not my twitch account?

Perhaps you need to delete a Twitch account on someone’s behalf? If a loved one has passed away, you might want to delete their accounts to avoid hacking or simply clean up their digital legacy. In these cases, it is best to contact twitch directly. Usually, this will be done by the administrator of a person’s estate, but it is not necessary.

It is often a good idea to reach out to someone who knew your loved one on Twitch. It can provide you with more information about their twitch account and any friendships they developed there. To contact twitch, you can use the email contact form on their website.

Sometimes they will ask for a user’s information, such as a birthday. There will be a list of topics to choose from when contacting Twitch, which might not apply to your situation. In that case, select the closest topic and use the message box to explain your needs clearly.

It might take some time for Twitch support to contact you. When they do, they might ask for proof, such as a death certificate or obituary. A scanned or digital copy will suffice. Once this information has been passed over, the request should be dealt with quickly.

If you have the Twitch account’s login details, you can, of course, do this yourself for your deceased loved one. To do this, follow the earlier instructions for deleting Twitch on a Mac or PC.

Final word

And there you have it; that is how you delete a twitch account! There are a few ways to do this, and they are not always widely advertised.

Be sure to follow the link above to delete your Twitch account permanently, but remember, by doing so, you will lose all your saved information and settings! Remember that you can disable your Twitch account if you aren’t quite ready to cut the strings. You will still be able to access your account information should you change your mind at a later date.

How to Delete Twitch Account on Android/IOS