People are always asking how to check twitch logs, but there is no clear answer out there.

It can be tough to find the right information when you’re trying to troubleshoot an issue on Twitch. You might not even know where to start looking for help.

We wrote this guide to show you how to easily check twitch logs. This guide will take you through all the steps that you need to follow in order to find and view your Twitch logs.

What Are Twitch Chat Logs?

Twitch chat is a vertical window right next to the stream, so you’re able to both game and chat at the same time. If you’re just a viewer, then you can chat about the streamer’s moves or just about anything with other viewers.

Reasons That You Might Want To Check Your Twitch Logs

If you are a streamer, your chat logs will be one of the most important aspects of your stream that you’d want to check (and keep an eye on) regularly.

To Know What Content Gets You More Active Followers

If the viewers are keen on what the streamer is saying or promoting, they’ll be more likely to leave the stream and stop watching the streamer altogether. An easy way to gauge viewer interest is through an active chat log.

If viewers are active within the chat and the nature of their comments is positive and appreciative (of the streamer), then the streamer is probably streaming great quality content that the viewers like to watch.

When the streamer gets access to or downloads the entire chat history, then he can readily judge viewer response to specific streams or even specific parts within a stream.

Check For Inappropriate Behavior

The streamer has to walk a thin line sometimes; some viewers may be causing a disturbance (inappropriate comments) in his or her stream and the streamer may not be able to take action then and there.

The solution is to check his stream chat history and see what exactly a number of viewers were saying. If the streamer doesn’t take action (or report inappropriate behavior), then he may find his fans lose respect for him/her or the streamer may even see a decrease in his followers (since the chats on his stream have become toxic because of a few people).

If (certain) viewer comments left on your channel are of a problematic nature, then the streamer or mods will be able to (and should) report them to Twitch.

Improve On Streaming Content After Taking Viewer Advice

A Twitch streamer is as successful as the number of his or her active followers, and active followers remain because of great content by the streamer. The streamer should take genuine advice seriously and implement it to continue and increase his viewership.

During the stream, you obviously won’t be paying very close attention to your chat so you’ll need to download and check your twitch chat at a later point.

Stay Up-To-Date With New Trends In The Twitch Chat

Twitch chat culture is continuously being updated, and new ways of viewer engagement come up all the time. New twitch emotes, for example, new expressions, or real-life inspired memes or references.

When you, as a streamer, want to keep with the changing Twitch chat ‘culture’, you download chat logs on Twitch and check for such trends and references from there.

How Do You Check Twitch Chat Logs?

Now that we’ve established why Twitch chat logs are important, let’s see how you can go and actually access them AFTER the stream. Both as a streamer and (if possible) as a viewer.

Video On Demand Playback or VoD

As a streamer, after you’re done with one streaming session, the whole stream will be present on your channel for playback. By accessing it, you’ll be able to replay the entire stream and chat minute by minute, and comment by comment.

This method lets you get into the live aspect of your stream and you can actually see what stream event-triggered which reactions or comments – since many times comments without context may be a bit vague; once you’re done with watching the VoD playback, you’ll see why certain reactions or comments were made (in what context). This also lets you view comments that were removed by a moderator later on.

Through User Search Command

Want to check out the comments of a certain user? You can view these chat logs as a moderator if you have permission. Simply log in to Twitch, and type the username you want to search for in the search function.

You’ll be able to see the user’s whole chat history including a number of bans and timeouts.

During Live Stream

Especially handy for Mods, you can simply scroll through the chat window to check for certain sections of the chat or simply click on the username of a particular user if you want to see all of his or her comments.

Checking Chat Logs As A Moderator After The Stream Has Ended

Log in to your Twitch channel or account, and click on the sword icon (bottom right) to enter the moderator view, then simply click on a user’s name to check his or her chat history.

With Third-Party Programs

Chatty is a third-party program that lets you download your stream chats and even auto-moderate your chats. To start with Chatty, simply go to ‘’, download Chatty and the (Chatty) bot will automatically link itself with your Twitch account and start saving your twitch logs.


Are Twitch Chat Logs Available Publicly?

There is currently no resource that keeps a database of Twitch chats, and you can’t view chat logs on any public forums. The unofficial (and unaffiliated) Twitch chat database website OverRustle Logs was used to keep Twitch chat logs open to the public, but the site was taken down after a request by Twitch Legal.

Can Viewers See Their Chat Log?

At this point, viewers cannot access or see their chats or comments on Twitch after the stream has ended. The only reliable way is streamer-dependent i.e you will have to request the streamer to share a certain portion of the chat with you so you can check your own comments.

Can I See When A Twitch Account Was Made?

As a streamer or a moderator, you can simply click on the username of a viewer (and find them through the user search command) and see their joining date.

As a viewer, you have no way of checking someone else’s account creation date.

Can I Download My Twitch Stream Chat Logs?

Yes, through third-party programs like Chatty or Nightbot.

Can I Access My Chat Vod’s Indefinitely?

Twitch stores chat video streams for a maximum of 60 days (and you can access them anytime during that period). After they are deleted, you cannot access your stream videos.

Closing Thoughts

Twitch chat logs are an important part of the streaming process. They can help you troubleshoot issues with your stream, identify chatters who are breaking the rules, and more. We hope this guide helped!

How To Check Twitch Chat Logs (viewer & streamer methods!)