Hot-swappable mechanical keyboards are the best type of keyboard for gamers. They have a number of benefits that make them better than other types of keyboards for gaming. With so many benefits, it is hard to pick just one reason why mechanical keyboards are the best.

Here Are Best Hot-Swappable Keyboards In 2022

These Are The 10 Best Hot-Swappable Keyboards

Hot-swappable keyboards are good for experienced mechanical keyboard addicts who like to flip between different switches but don’t want to swap the whole keyboard in the process. Most modular keyboards use switches derived from the Cherry MX design. They are compatible with most custom keys.

The modularity combined with compatibility with a wide range of switches and most after-market keycaps are great for users who desire a totally customizable mechanical keyboard. We review premium and budget models, wireless keyboards. We also have some unique and quite interesting keyboards you will love.

For even more savings you can also check out hot-swappable keyboards on eBay.

1. Royal Kludge RK 61 Hot-Swappable Keyboard

The Royal Kludge RK61 uses Doubleshot ABS keycaps that are just 0.9mm thick. The keyboard features 17 lighting effects which are possible to turn off by pressing F+F. The rechargeable batteries have max life of 10 hours with a power-saving mode.

The Keyboard does all you could possibly want as a hot-swappable keyboard despite being a cheap compact keyboard. It provides smooth switches for RK red while not identical to Gateron red. The key has decent down travel and is surprisingly crisp.

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2. Drop CTRL Hot-Swappable Keyboard

The Drop CTRL Mechanical Keyboard has a total of 87 keys with hot-swap switches and computer programable macros. The device has a variety of customization options, an RGB LED front lighting and a detachable USB-C cord. The frame of the board has a sturdy aluminum frame beneath which an RGB strip resides.

Furthermore, they include 6 magnetic rubber-based feet that increase their stability. The switch is able to switch between Cherry MX Kaihua and Halo. His makers also produce the Drop ALT Mechanical Keyboard – a 65 percent smaller version of the classic Crimonic keyboard.

It also comes with various accessories such as keycap and switch pullers.

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3. Glorious Modular Hot-Swappable Keyboard

Glorious modular mechanical keyboards (GMMK) have been proven to offer tons of advantages without breaking the bank. Initially, the design of this keyboard was modular. It uses SIP sockets or modular switch housing which can be removed and replaced with mechanical switches.

GMMK utilizes a brown Gateron switch which is quiet and excellent for typing. It serves a large range of PC and Mac users including developers typists and game developers. One disadvantage with the GMMK however is it doesn’t carry a wrist rest which may be purchased with another product by the same producer.

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4. Keychron K8 Hot-Swappable Keyboard

The Keychron K8 is a mechanical keyboard that is fully portable in size, has wireless capabilities, is equipped with RGB lights, and is compatible with Macintosh and Windows. Its large 4,000 mAh battery enables it to remotely operate up to 70 hours depending on where it was used.

The keyboard can connect three devices and switch between them using the Function +1, 2, or 3 buttons. Unfortunately, Keychron doesn’t use its software to control his keyboard, so you have to use other software like Karabiner on Mac or Sharpkeys on Windows if you want to remap.

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5. EPOMAKER SKYLOONG SK61 Hot-Swappable Keyboard

This enthusiast’s keyboard has a hot-swappable switch and high-density PBT keycap with thermal sublimation letters. It aesthetically is a very appealing compact design with RGB backlighting and counterweight hue keycaps that successfully mix form with function. The keyboard has a local hard disk drive that supports 3 profiles.

The best quiet keyboards for Windows. It also supports most Mac operating systems. The keyboard is 60 percent compact with a dust and water-resistant mainboard and a low-key keyboard.

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6. Womier K87 Hot-Swappable Keyboard

This insulated wired mouse and keyboard featuring hot-swap ability is created with a unique glazed surface. It utilizes an ergonomic 87-key layout and connects firmly to an external USB-C cable. The Gateron quiet switch is common.

The stylish keyboard is fairly portable because of the USB detachable cable. It’s great for gamers and keyboard lovers who are looking for a unique keyboard that stands out visually and performs well. You’ll have to look elsewhere however if you want a wireless keyboard or a number pad.

The best wireless keyboard has a minimalist look and offers USB C-based wireless or Bluetooth connectivity.

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7. GK61 Hot-Swappable Keyboard

It has an intuitive dial and offers quick response as well as low sound thanks to Opto-optic switches. There’s also programmable RGB light that can be saved as many as three user profiles. It has anti-ghosting and provides extended macro recording.

Memory on the keyboard helps you save settings and change backlight settings. It is stock with very fast Gateron optical brown switches though this board is not compatible with traditional mechanical switches.

One advantage of using a keyboard that supports editing is its ability to not miss out the key when hitting several keys at a time.

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8. Velocifire VM02WS Hot-Swappable Keyboard

The Gateron red switch is standard and offers lots of feedback. This is compatible with Cherry MX and other mechanical switch brands. It is a bright color that complements a nicely designed keyboard. I think this added effect adds a bit of fun.

The compact keyboard uses a concave frame and is topped with high-profile keys. The product also supports connection via Bluetooth and USB C. The keyboard has a concave ergonomic design and a compact 60% construction with comfortable high-gloss keys that make it very effective in typing as well as gaming.

It is one of the more accessible mechanical keyboards that allows easy Bluetooth connection. This model is easy to install with Wireless Bluetooth and a comfortable ergonomic design.

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9. Drop ALT Hot-Swappable Keyboard

Keycaps on these are so excellent you’ll probably not have to swap it. These two are solid and highly-quality modular keyboards. The devices provide outstanding RGB backlighting along with high-quality keycaps and tank-like construction.

The only disadvantage is the pricing, reflecting the superb quality of the keyboard Drop CTRL and ALT keys. The two keyboards are compatible with all Cherry – switch styles including MX – Kailh – and Gateron. This allows the user to use aftermarket keys.

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10. Redragon K552 Hot-Swappable Keyboard

The Redragon k552 is a compact mechanical gaming keyboard with red cherry MX equivalent linear switches quiet click sound fast action with minimal resistance without a tactile bump feel. It has 19 different lighting effects and game modes 2 user-defined modes 6 colors multiple brightness level breathing speed precision-engineered keycaps offering crystal clear uniform backlighting.

The ergonomically designed steel series mechanical game keyboard’s high-quality durable metal-abs construction with plate-mount design is ideal for esports gamers, typing enthusiasts, or anyone looking for that solid feel of a mechanical keyboard.

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Best Hot-swappable Keyboards Buying Guide:

How we decided

We looked at a keyboard that offers great typing performance and outstanding quality construction. We just considered a keyboard that allowed a user to quickly hot-wire a switch without soldering. Aesthetic factors can determine the perfect hot-swap keyboard.

While not needed RGB backlit scoring earned additional points; it provided a fingerprint-proof keycap for printing. We took account of compatibility and ease of operation preferring plug-and-play keyboards that work well with Windows, macOS Chrome, and Linux operating systems.

We bundled both full-size keyboards and compact keyboards with extra points given to the best hot-swappable keyboards of 60 and 75 percent.

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Things to consider when buying a hot-swappable keyboard

When getting a high-performance laptop keyboard it is important not to settle for a few different kinds of models. There are some things one must look for. The market for these PC supplies is restricted, however. For even more savings you can also check out hot-swappable keyboards on eBay.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hot-Swappable Keyboards

There’s much more reason to buy a keyboard than a standard keyboard. The comfort element is particularly important for newcomers. Soldering switches to regular mechanical keyboards takes time and energy and can potentially cause a damaged circuit board (PCB).

The flip side is known to be a bit less durable. Hotswap keyboards are designed to carry up to 100 insertion cycles; most of this is designed as long as 100 insertion cycles. The pros and cons list allows you to determine if to switch switches to a different keyboard.


The three common keyboards are full-size tenkeyless and compact. You should choose your table size according to the games you play and your office size. The most efficient and space-saving size is compact and has neither the Numpad nor the navigation keys.

The reason is because of the large size, the mouse is further away from the text area. It may take more time to reach various buttons. If your game does not include number pads then maybe you are interested in a 10key keyboard.

That is the best size for all FP4 games and has compact form factors.


When looking for keyboards the best method to evaluate their quality is by looking at the materials used. A keyboard with an aluminum case usually has greater durability and satisfying clicking. Plastic bags lighten a keyboard and can make the computer cheaper but tends to reduce the feeling and the appearance it produces.

Adding a plastic case to the keyboard would not necessarily mean that the keyboard could appear more authentically. There is no replacement for the keyboard.


Hot-swappable Mechanical keyboards have linear, tactile, or clicky keys. Clicky switches feature additional audible clicks which will help give feedback when typing. Linear switches are not very responsive but are rather quiet.

Tactile and clicky switching has a midway bump that increases responsiveness. Hot-swappable mechanical keyboards allow you to have the option of easily changing the switch down the keyboard. Please go to the factory website for full details.

LED and RGB backlighting

A keyboard with a smooth design and stunning RGB lights can make your gaming setup a lot more appealing. Also, bright LED/RGB LED backlighting can help you find buttons easily in dark rooms. Just because something’s attractive to view doesn’t suggest it’ll be fun to type.

Both aesthetic properties and the quality of the keyboard play the part in the design. A smooth appearance doesn’t always mean your first priority is to find a new keyboard.

No Soldering Required

Hot-swappable keyboards enable you to easily install and remove switches from your keyboard. Soldering requires the right tools at hand along with a dedicated workstation with good ventilation. We recommend hot-swapping switches to anyone who does not want to learn how to solder or likes to try lots of different types of switch types.

If you are located in an apartment that doesn’t have a place to work, soldering can be not practical for you or too difficult for the buyer. In addition to the skills, equipment, and working area soldering switches normally requires a special workspace.

Additional features

Hot-swappable keyboards commonly have tons of features. The more features a keyboard has the more it costs. Some of the more common attributes include macros, Adjustable Kickstands and RGB Lighting.

Best Hot-Swappable Keyboard FAQ:

What is a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard?

To change a switch you just pull out the old one and put into place the new one. The major drawbacks of hot-swappable keys are customization. If your key switch stops working you can replace this key without having to buy another.

If you decide to do something, you can buy one or more different switches and not all types of keyboards. The ability for quick and easy replacement of keyboard-driven functions in an effortless way will come in handy in most situations. You can upgrade your keyboard with linear or tactile buttons.

Why do people use a hot-swappable keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are much better than the factory keyboards supplied in computers or laptops. The keyboards with a hot-swappable feature also are attractive features for customization since they allow for swapping from a touch screen using only one puller. In doing this you can pull from different switches and add them to other keyboards for a more personalized final product.

Moreover, this feature will allow a user to switch switches four times or five times quicker than an existing physical keyboard can. This allows one to switch keyboard keys with hot-swap function based on previous keyboard features in Windows 10.

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Why should I buy a hot-swappable keyboard?

No keyboard can beat the Drop CTRL Mechanical keyboard and our premium selection for the best hot-swappable keyboards on Amazon. This is a tenkeyless version of the Drop ALT keyboard and will be available in both high and low-profile versions.

The keyboard is made of aluminum and is supplied with dual-shot PBT keys, and the colors are dark grey and light. By adding stabilizer blocks you can improve keyboard quality. The keyboard works well with a short USB cable despite not being able to be illuminated in RGB mode. Unlike other USB-C-only keyboards in your hand Drop – CTRL-R has two ports.

How do you use a hot-swappable keyboard?

You can use the same hot-swappable keyboard you would use in an ordinary keyboard. Most people use a keyboard for typing or gaming purposes. This type of keyboard may come in two different configurations for whatever application you want.

Are all keyboard switches hot-swappable?

All we have to know for sure is whether the keyboard supports 3-pin or 5pin switches. Switches with five pins on top won’t be compatible with a computer that supports only three pins. If a 5″ keyboard is designed, both 3 pin and 5 pin switches can be hot-swappable.

Tip: Get the extra plastic legs off of a 5-pin switch so that the switch would be compatible with a three-pin keyboard. However, the process can be quite lengthy and it can be more difficult.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a new gaming keyboard that will keep up with your demands and offer ergonomic comfort, then these hot-swappable keyboards might be just what you need. These mechanical keyboards are designed to withstand the wear and tear of hardcore gamers as well as those who simply want an upgrade from their standard membrane-based desktops or laptop keyboards.

We hope this list has helped narrow down some options so you can find the perfect addition to your home office or gaming station! What’s been your experience in finding the best hot-swappable mechanical keyboard?

Top 5 Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboards